Who I Am

I was born and raised in Arizona and grew up in a large blended family. Growing up in a large family taught me a lot about myself, the value of connection, and the complexities of relationships.

Connection is one of the most powerful things that gives my life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment as I build relationships with people I love. I also deeply value the connections I make in my everyday encounters as we collectively share in this life experience together, learning and growing from one another.

In my free time, I love to explore and adventure with new experiences, places, and activities. I’m a passionate foodie with a particular interest in health and nutrition. I’m always discovering new ways to experience all the colors, flavors, and varieties this world has to offer with an awe and gratitude for the way it can nurture, heal, and enhance our bodies and lives.

Some of my favorite activities include being active outdoors in almost any capacity, quality time with friends and family, traveling and experiencing other cultures, and dancing/singing with any music that makes my heart happy.